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Our vehicles are not only stylish, they are also 99% Eco Friendly.

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An Introduction

An iconic educational project, Shell Eco-marathon challenges competing student teams around the world to design and build the most energy-efficient vehicle possible. The winning vehicle is the one that travels the farthest using the least amount of fuel. In 2009, Team PNEC NUST participated in Shell Eco-marathon for the first time from Pakistan, holding the distinction of being the only Pakistani team to run at SEM Europe. Moreover, in 2012 Team PNEC NUST stood 2nd in “Communications Award” and was the only team from Pakistan selected for the run in the Official Flag-Off Ceremony. Keeping to our legacy as worthy competitors, we intend to make a record in the year 2013 by putting our finest cars to the task. For what will happen when these cars will make their way to Malaysia, only time will tell.

Call for Support

The event in the last three years gathered wide positive media coverage across Asia. More than 100 media organizations in the region from various countries including print, broadcast, wires and magazines covered the event in Kuala Lumpur. Through our team, we will provide you a golden opportunity to expand your markets around the globe. This will enable you to exhibit corporate responsibility and awareness of current academic, public, social and cultural trends aiding to enhance brand image. By sponsoring Team PNEC, you’ll become a valuable part of the team. In addition to the basic sponsorship packages, you would also be offered other secondary sponsorship opportunities vital to the team’s participation in the event.

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  Why is it always He the architect and she the hairdresser? He the software designer and she the dress designer? Unfortunately, we always neglect the contributions of women in science and engineering. NUST Eco Racers say No More! Team PNEC-NUST ‘Pink Campaign’ is a bold initiative taken to appreciate the unmatched spirit of fighting [...]

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