Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi

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Pakistan Navy Engineering College

Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) has been committed to excellence from its inception. Being a constituent college of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), PNEC provides a multitude of options and is committed to provide quality education and the finest facilities to its students.

Established in 1962, PNEC is one of the finest institutes for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It conducts courses in Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics Engineering along with BS/MIS Programs for Naval Officers.

Like all NUST institutions, PNEC also harbors a great deal of cultural influx in the form of students from all over Pakistan who join hands to eradicate the ideas of secularism and work together as a national force.


Pakistan Navy Engineering College, through its commitment to excellence, advancement and innovation in teaching, learning and research, will be a leading institution of higher learning in the field of engineering in the region. PNEC strives to get known for yielding undergraduates and graduates who are extremely competent to become imperative leaders of their society, and potent global citizens of the diversified world. It aims to elevate social, economical and national status of the country by progressing in the areas of education and knowledge.


Center of Academic Excellence

Pakistan Navy Engineering College will endeavor:

  • To nurture and retain a best quality of faculty and staff who can assist the institution with the production of proficient engineers for the country and the world.
  • To attract and inspire students, who are academically strong, possess leadership qualities and are passionate about acquiring knowledge.
  • To provide a comprehensive education to its students and igniting a dedication to lifelong learning, integrity and professionalism in them.
  • To provide an environment of diversified opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth to our young adults.
  • To establish a respectable, safe and healthy campus environment for males and females belonging to all races, castes and creeds.
  • To focus on innovative and ground-breaking research areas and their applications.
  • To instill a spirit of venturing into education and research in our students and faculty.